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Health Essence Clinical Massage

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If you are looking for a massage therapist in Falls Church you have come to the right place. My mission is to provide precise bodywork and presence to you if you are seeking a therapist who will understand and help you connect your digestive concerns or discomfort and body pain. 

Through intuitive massage and functional nutrition, I can provide you with a unique approach to massage therapy and nutrition care. I do not hesitate to refer out if necessary. I look forward to being a partner on your journey to great health. We are your trusted medical massage therapist in Falls Church.

Check my service page to see if I am a good fit for you. Oh! If you're wondering who I am and how I got here, please follow the "About" link where you can read about my career progression.

Receive a therapeutic massage and let us handle the payment with your worker's compensation. 

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Medical Massage Therapist in Falls Church

 Medical Massage Therapist in Falls Church

Health Essence Clinical Massage
Experience the Best Massage Therapist in Falls Church

Experience the Best  Massage Therapist in Falls Church 

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