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Neuromuscular Massage and Therapy

​Neuromuscular massage therapy helps in releasing the knots and trigger points in the body which results in chronic body pain. Most of the muscular aches and pains are the result of injured soft tissues. This therapy targets the soft tissues to relieve and restore the injured tissues back to normal.

​Health Essence Clinical Massage specializes in neuromuscular massage in Falls Church. Using the highly effective massage techniques like the flexibility stretching, massage, and self care, we can help relieve the pain and bring normality in the body.

How the Neuromuscular Massage Works?

Neuromuscular massage therapy is highly effective in bringing a balance in the nervous system, muscular as well as skeletal system. The cause of the pain in the body is due to various problems like misalignment and the neuromuscular massage therapy helps in bringing the body back to its previous shape. 

​In neuromuscular therapy, identifying the trigger points is very significant. These trigger points are nothing but the nodules or knots in the muscles. These knots are hypersensitive and movements can cause the pain. Sometimes these pains can be prolonged. The pain can spread to the entire body and not just at the trigger point. 

​Additional symptoms of neuromuscular disorder may include stiffness in muscles, numbness, tingling on the feet, fatigue, headaches and more. These pains over the time can become constant and interfere with the daily life. Often accidents, postural imbalance, emotional stress and poor nutrition can cause such immense pain. 

Significant Benefit of the Neuromuscular Massage 

​Health Essence Clinical offers neuromuscular massage in Falls Church. These massages by our reputed, licensed and trained therapist can bring respite and offer many benefits including:

  • ​Pain reduction or elimination
  • Increased and improved flexibility and strength
  • Improve the body movement
  • Balanced musculoskeletal and nervous systems
  • Improve posture by alignment
  • Increased circulation and improve vitality

​Our neuromuscular massage therapy is designed for providing complete health and wellness that focuses on individual needs. We know every patient is different and we provide a personalized solution that aims to provide long term pain relief and relaxation that will immensely improve your life.

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