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"Esi has an understanding of the human body that I have not encountered in any massage or physical therapist before. She goes beyond the simple mechanics of what immediately ails you to address the root causes of your problems. She helped fix back and knee problems that months and months of PT and meds barely alleviated. Esi knows where you have pain without you needing to say anything. She has the strength of a mason with unexpected gentleness. She is a warm and genuinely caring person, and you realize that the therapeutic aspect of your session begins as soon as you are in her presence. Do yourself a favor, and give her a call. You'll wonder where she's been all your life."

- Paul R.

"I've been to tens of massage therapists over the years, and Esi has given me one (multiple) of the best massages I've ever had. She is so talented, skillful, and intuitive in dealing with your body and figuring out what parts of it ail you, and then works very hard to help it heal. She skillfully blends various massage techniques, and is very kind and compassionate and easy to connect with. I strongly and whole heartedly recommend her massages."

- Alaa h.

"Esi is the best! I have tried many massage therapists and reflexologists and cannot  begin to compare them to the fantastic treatments I have received and continue to receive from Esi. I have had knots and aches that resisted improvement for years until I started going to Esi, and  she continues to work on tight muscles that are yielding to her talented therapies. You won't go wrong with Esi!"

 - Martha W.