If you are ready to take control of your pain, discomfort, and health, we welcome you to reach out and make an appointment. We want to see you enjoy the many benefits that come with our services, from weight loss to pain relief to improved health, and we achieve this together by getting to the root of any problems and treating the body as a whole rather than covering up the problem with heavy medication. We welcome any questions you have about our services to ensure that you make an informed and confident decision. We take your health as seriously as you do, and our mission is to work together in a healthy way to achieve results that will help you feel your very best.

Make an appointment today at Health Essence Clinical Massage by reaching out and scheduling a free consultation to get started. Read about us and make an appointment now!

Begin with a Complimentary Consultation

If you want to get started, but are still not sure if the services provided by Health Essence Clinical Massage in Falls Church is right for you, we make it easy. We begin the process with a complimentary consultation that will last about 20 minutes, and here we will address questions and concerns you have and go into further detail about our services.

We provide each client with individualized attention and care because we know that each person will be unique in what their goals are, the disorder they are trying to prevent, and how they want to achieve optimal health.

Learn More About Our Appointment Policies

All credit card, cash or check are accepted at the time of the service, and if you pay online, you will have the option to use a credit card. We accept private, state, local, and federal workers compensation and injury insurance, but please call before scheduling an appointment. Please arrive on time and call if you will be late, and if you need to cancel an appointment, let us know 24 hours in advance.

Take Advantage of Our Services Today

For diagnoses, you should consult your doctor if necessary, as we do not want to be construed as medical treatment. We provide exceptional services for stress reduction, relaxation, and to relieve bone tension, muscles, joints, and more. Call today and if we are with a patient, we will be quick to respond to your message.