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Spinal Reflex Therapy

Health Essence Clinical Massage in Falls Church offers spinal reflex therapy a part of the massage therapy to help alleviate the various alignments, muscular tension and body pain by our specialist therapist.

Our spinal reflex therapy uses a technique that deactivates and stabilize those muscle parts that causes nerve impingement. It is a highly effective technique designed to stop the acute and chronic pain and joint dysfunction.

How the Spinal Reflex Therapy Works?

Spinal Reflex Therapy is a technique used by therapist along with the therapeutic massage to address the problem of the Spondylogenic Reflex Syndrome (SRS). 

People suffering from the syndrome usually suffer from back pain, neck pain and other parts of the body:

  • Immense pain and dysfunction
  • Muscle spasms and weakness
  • Fatigue, trigger points, soft tissue fibrosis, joint strain
  • Degenerative arthritis,
  • Distorted posture
  • Pinched nerves
  • Acute and chronic pain

There are so many things that contribute towards the SRS syndrome. The usual causes are stress, poor posture, diet, injury, weakness, reduced performance in muscles and joints.

The procedure involves changing the nerve and muscle activity. The technique is targeted at the neurological soft tissue and its manipulation is to restore those muscles, tissues, and nerves back to normal.

Who Needs It

If you are experiencing severe back and neck pain, pain on the foot or knee, strain or pain in the muscles or nerve problems, our expert therapist at Health Essence Clinical Massage can help you the spinal reflex therapy you are looking for. With our therapy session, you will see a great difference and reduction in the pain, have better balance, alignment, power, improved posture, efficient body movement, great performance, reduced stress and over all health and fitness.

Using the latest and safe techniques we aim to provide the overall solution the Spondylogenic Reflex Syndrome (SRS) problem. With so many years of providing therapeutic massage, we can assure you the best results. Our programs are designed to address individual problems and provide solution unique to each of our client.

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